Philips Daily blenderPhilips Daily blender

Philips Daily blender

Oneobject worked with Design internal design team for this daily blender design.Porduct got launched in...
Q dock_OOSHQ dock_OOSH

Q dock_OOSH

Q is a simple and minimal iPhone dock for desk, shelf, side table, kitchen top,...
Philips Viva toasterPhilips Viva toaster

Philips Viva toaster

Oneobject collaborate with Philips design team for this mid range toaster design.
TRI lampTRI lamp

TRI lamp

the goal is trying to create a simple and easy to adjust desktop lamp design....
Philips Daily MixerPhilips Daily Mixer

Philips Daily Mixer

Oneobject worked with Philips to design/develop this entry level hand mixer project in 2014.
PCCW_NowTV boxPCCW_NowTV box

PCCW_NowTV box

Oneobject is working with PCCW for NowTV product design experience in 2015. Final product launched...
Supor kettle 2014  Supor kettle 2014  

Supor kettle 2014  

Oneobject designed entry level double-layer kettle for Supor China market, product launched on market on...
Philips_home phone_D210Philips_home phone_D210

Philips_home phone_D210

OneObject has chance to work with Philips design Team for concept design and development phase...
Philips Hi-Fi Stereo 2015Philips Hi-Fi Stereo 2015

Philips Hi-Fi Stereo 2015

Oneobject had chance to work with Philips Design/Gibson Innovations and involve into design phase of...
Greenie lunchboxGreenie lunchbox

Greenie lunchbox

Greenie is set of lunchbox with simple and practical design. It has 2 size containers...