Design prototype, craftsmanship credit: Liu Jianli

A fountain pen made by ebony lumber that can ages during daily writing and drawing.
It’s a pen design with oriental aesthetic appreciation, not cutting-edge tech with precise and exquisite fishing, yet craftsmanship with heart and temperature to show untrimmed beauty. Essential and monolithic form provides uncompromising comfort in hand. Subtle yet unique patterns enhance both visual and tactile pleasant. 

To draw those memorable scenes in life, to age with you as time pass by.
圆润 含蓄 朴质
隐晦的纹理 更富层次感
握在手里 不失份量
书画指尖 不失温度
这是一支不逊于149,M1000, 823的长枪
不争精致高贵 但求浑然内敛

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