Personal Mobile Companion

Nebula is an exploration for personal mobilities initiated by Oneobject.

The inspiration comes from daily observation of people’s urban commuting and how they interact with technology. Considering as an extension of human body, ‘Nebula’ allows us to be more freedom, speedy, agile to go anywhere we want. We hope to create a harmony between human appreciation to home & lifestyle and performance-driven & hi-tech transport. By enhancing tactile sensibility from soft material usage, ‘Nebula’ strives to provide more secured and safe feeling during driving, also more approachable and understandable when people interact with technology.


Interior of vehicle is made of 3D-knitting fabric material with water/dirt proof coating, to achieve a seamless and durable surface, that provides user a sense of comfort, friendly and security. Without obtrusive expression of function, Nebula embraces technology in a more intuitive and subtle way. It only appears when needed, offers more convenient and safer urban travel companion. Parametric head and tail lights bring more futuristic appearance; winker across whole side body increases safer driving experience.

Alpha is designed for mid and long distance urban travel. Modern and sleek appearance, yet not compromise dynamic and speedy. It allows nomads to be more flexible and freedom explore urban city.

‘Alpha’ harnesses HUD technology, enables driver to see through from the upper lens for real-time indications about their journey and road-environment, which provides an enriched and considerate AR driving experience, whilst enhances safety issue.


Beta is a kick-board E-scooter for short distance travel. Slim, light-weight design caters for urban daily commute.

Beta is easy to fold for carrying and storage. The compact size adapts for home, in-car or in office. It’s flexible and convenient for last mile travel.

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