Philips GP7501


Philips GP7501 is a performance-driven in-car air purifier, designed with a focus on providing additional protection and reassurance to breathe clean air within a seamlessly intuitive user experience. GP7501 is equipped with an interchangeable PM2.5 filter and a set of build-in bacteria sanitizing UV beams to maximize the air quality. On the UX/UI, an intuitive interface is included for an easy-to-use operation and an AQI lighting that provides instant indication of the air condition. The simplicity of the form allows it to fit into the car interior seamlessly. Details like the air intake/outlet are integrated subtly without obtrusive expression. The curved top and bottom profiles created a compact and visually lightweight design. The housing is minimized to the smallest while providing an optimal airflow for the filtration. Making it visually compact, yet high-performance. The 3 color air quality indicator instantly signifies the in-car air condition. A hassle-free installation either on top of the armrest or behind the headrest via the integrated belt fixture without damaging the interior.


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