‘WITS’ furniture collection


WITS is a series of furniture designs, catering to the urban lifestyle with small housing, a combination of build quality and non-invasive light technology. Filling modern living needs and habits without being overwhelmed by excessive tech. ‘WITS’ furniture series is produced by RedApple, a Hong Kong furniture brand with over 50-year history. the collaboration is under REMIX program organized by IDSHK. Currently available in HK local market. 

Layer is a sofa side table with a stealthy wireless charger for device charging and a rotational mechanism for different postures.
It can also serve as a desk for eating or work when the basket is detached. Perfect for small space and work from home.

ROLL is an indoor stool with small storage and a detachable UV light cleaning module that offers a quick UV cleaning for your belongings,
newly received package or kid’s toys etc. Perfect for both pandemic or post-pandemic hygiene care. The outer is covered with cushioning
and knitted fabric providing the best comfort and a homey visual.

Float is a bedside table with an integrated wireless charger and a drawer LED light, offering to charge convenience and vision in the dark.
The wood boards were made to look visually thinner without sacrificing the toughness. Making it less bulky and modern is a subtle way.

BOX is a small storage container for personal items such as keys, wallets, and phones. It is equipped with the same detachable
modules for UV sterilization and knitted fabric outer for the best comfort and a homey visual.

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